Sunday, December 18, 2011

0001: Sen. Rodda in Wikipedia

In 2011 the on-line encyclopedia Wikipedia added a biography of Sen. Rodda to its entries. The original article declared that Rodda was appointed to the Commission on State Finance by Gov. Jerry Brown, but in reality the appointment was at the disposition of State Treasurer's Jesse M. Unruh. The writer also seemed to think that the Los Rios Community College board of trustees named Rodda Hall on the Sacramento City College campus in recognition of his service as a fellow Los Rios trustee; in fact, the naming of Rodda Hall in the Senator's honor preceded his tenure on the Los Rios board. Both of these oversights in the Wikipedia article have been corrected and we can now await further developments as others may contribute to the Senator's biography. A more extensive account of his life is presented here, on this blog.

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